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Who We Are

Tomorrow’s Voices is the passion project of a dedicated group who are committed to supporting local youth through music. The after-school children’s programs have brought together trained and talented musicians with a variety of backgrounds from classical music to music therapy to engage youth in the power of music.

Why We Do What We Do

Through our after-school program, Tomorrow’s Voices aims to create an environment to let children develop self-esteem and team building skills. Singing alleviates stress and anxiety making Tomorrow’s Voices the perfect place for children to let go of the emotions that are difficult to express and simply be themselves.

We are passionate about giving the kids in our communities a voice, exposing them to the joys and challenges that come with making music together. Tomorrow’s Voices is more than just a kids’ choir — it is a community-building, social development program. The kids in our programs leave with a sense of belonging and achievement through the power of song.

Our Programs

At Tomorrow’s Voices, it is about more than music. Our after-school music programs are designed to make children of all backgrounds feel welcome and included in the choir. Together, with the help of our sponsors, we are able to inspire children to become heard through music. 

Tomorrow’s Voices provides free after-school choir programs to kids ages 8-18, led by professional, engaging and FUN music directors. Currently offered in St. Catharines, Hamilton, Toronto, and Saskatoon, our directors and singers work together in a harmonious community, with a focus on singing and being heard.

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Board of Directors

Todd Green

Executive Director and Founder

Todd is a huge fan of music and loves to see how singing serves people. He is also an Associate Professor of Marketing at Brock University with a focus on social responsibility in marketing. He has combined his two passions to bring Tomorrow’s Voices. Todd is so excited by the support the choir has received from the community and is incredibly proud of the kids in the choir.

Tammy Sweeney

Chief Executive Officer, TCU Place

Tammy is a seasoned leader, a community builder, and a recent import to the incredible city of Saskatoon. As Chief Executive Officer at TCU Place she is helping the team to recover and rebuild post COVID to bring amazing events to life in the iconic building.

Across 3 provinces, 4 cities, and multiple industries, Tammy has stayed true to her values and her passion. Her strength is helping people, organizations and communities build their capacity, and she has been able to help organizations across Canada, United States and even Europe to increase their leadership capacity. In the last several years, she has chosen to strengthen communities by bringing people together to connect, learn, and experience the magic of live events. There is something special that happens when people connect through live events, and Tammy loves to orchestrate those connections.

Carly Snider

Executive Marketing Officer

As Content Director at H&C Inc. in Thorold, with a degree in English Literature and diploma in Print Journalism, Carly is passionate about all things marketing and the written word. Carly grew up with music playing a large role in her life, from early piano lessons; involvement in high school choirs, bands and musicals; and participation in community concert bands and choirs (including the Hamilton chapter of Choir Nation). She is thrilled to have the opportunity to give children access to music in a barrier-free environment, giving them the chance to experience the joy music can bring.

Jackie Frail

Recreation Therapy Professor, Niagara College

Prior to joining Niagara College, Jackie worked 10 years with St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton within their Mental Health and Addictions program. Jackie is a registered member of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) and has served on the TRO Board of Directors. She completed her Bachelors of Recreation and Leisure Services with Brock University and Masters of Education with Memorial University. Jackie understands the value of leisure and the incredible benefits of meaningful recreation. Some of her additional training/interests include positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, motivational interviewing and laughter yoga.

Rachel Nelson

Associate Director for Partnerships and Programs, Simon Fraser University’s Office of Community Engagement

With a focus on fostering authentic, respectful, sustainable, and mutually valuable partnerships, Rachel leads the development of the SFU Surrey – TD Community Engagement Centre and collaborates on strategic initiatives that build institutional capacity for community engagement. Rachel completed her Bachelor of Business Administration at Simon Fraser University and holds an M.A. in Community Development from the University of Victoria. Rachel grew up singing in choirs and training in dance in the lower mainland of British Columbia. She deeply understands and greatly values the transformative power of the arts to foster creativity, build relationships, inspire confidence and bring joy into people’s lives. Rachel currently sings Soprano 1 in Elektra Women’s Choir in Vancouver, BC.