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Tomorrow’s Voices is the passion project of a dedicated group who are commited to supporting local youth through music. The after-school children’s programs have brought together trained and talented musicians with a variety of backgrounds from classical music to music therapy to engage youth in the power of music.


Through our after-school program, Tomorrow’s Voices aims to create an environment to let children develop self-esteem and team building skills. Singing alleviates stress and anxiety making Tomorrow’s Voices the perfect place for children to let go of the emotions that are difficult to express and simply be themselves.

We are passionate about giving the kids in our communities a voice, exposing them to the joys and challenges that come with making music together. Tomorrow’s Voices is more than just a kids’ choir — it is a community-building, social development program. The kids in our programs leave with a sense of belonging and achievement through the power of song.


At Tomorrow’s Voices, it is about more than music. Our after-school music programs are designed to make children of all backgrounds feel welcome and included in the choir. Together, with the help of our sponsors, we are able to inspire children to become heard through music.


Each week, Tomorrow’s Voices meets to practice new songs and prepare our participants for one-of-a-kind opportunities to perform with globally-recognized artists. Our programs are led by talented, experienced and fun music directors who want to see the children of Tomorrow’s Voices grow into successful young adults. Tomorrow’s Voices allows children to develop new skills, improve their self-confidence, and make meaningful connections with their peers.


Our zero-cost, audition-free programs make Tomorrow’s Voices accessible to all families. Our programs are currently offered in St. Catharines, Hamilton and Toronto for children ages 7-17 to participate in our after-school kids choirs. If your child has a passion for music, you can contact us for more information about registration.


Todd Green

Todd Green, the executive director and founder of Tomorrow’s Voices, is a huge fan of music and loves to see how singing serves people. He is also an Associate Professor of Marketing at Brock University with a focus on social responsibility in marketing. He has combined his two passions to bring Tomorrow’s Voices together in partnership with Mendelt Hoekstra. Todd is so excited by the support the choir has received from the community and is incredibly proud of the kids in the choir.

Mendelt Hoekstra

Mendelt, Executive Music Director Tomorrow’s Voices, grew up in Niagara. A lifelong lover of music, Mendelt has been performing for more than 35 years and enjoys collaborating with several different groups. Mendelt is the Chief Executive Music Director of Choir Nation and loves to bring people together through music. He is also the founder and Artistic Director of Momentum Choir, a highly successful performance choir comprised of adults who live with a disability. Mendelt is an award winning director whose energy for music is palpable and contagious.

Laura Byers

Laura Byers, chair of Tomorrow’s Voices and Executive Director of The Education Foundation of Niagara is dedicated to uplifting others and building a stronger community. Her passions include her two daughters, dachshunds Winnie and Dexter, and golfing. She has sung with the Choir Nation Niagara’s choir club and loves to sing! Laura has seen first hand the physical, psychological, social, musical and educational benefits of singing, and she is thrilled to be involved with Tomorrow’s Voices and is committed to ensuring every child in the choir experiences the joy of music.

Jacqueline DiRamio

Jacqueline, secretary for Tomorrow’s Voices Foundation, grew up in the Niagara Region, where she attended Laura Secord Secondary School. She has honours degrees in Biological Sciences and in Public Health from Brock University. She works as a developmental services worker. Her past work experience includes her time as an activity facilitator at an after-school program for at-risk children and youth. Since 2017, she has sung in Choir Nation Niagara’s choir club, experiencing the positive effects of singing with a choir. Her passions include volunteering and being part of her local community. She is excited and honoured to be a part of Tomorrow’s Voices.

Jane Morgan

Jane, a lifelong music lover, is excited to join Tomorrow’s Voices as treasurer! Music, or more specifically, singing, has always been a huge part of Jane’s life. As the child of a music teacher/director, Jane grew up singing with her dad’s school choirs and went on to study vocal music throughout secondary school. Jane is a Special Education Teacher at the Niagara Children’s Centre School, where she strives to bring the arts into her role as 21st Century/Literacy Teacher. Jane believes strongly in the power of music to unite, inspire and move people. Providing access to music and the arts are at the heart of her role as an educator, especially in working with diverse populations.

Carly Snider

Carly is excited to join the Tomorrow’s Voices Board of Directors as marketing officer. As Content Director at H&C Inc. in Thorold, with a degree in English Literature and diploma in Print Journalism, Carly is passionate about all things marketing and the written word. Carly grew up with music playing a large role in her life, from early piano lessons; involvement in high school choirs, bands and musicals; and participation in community concert bands and choirs (including the Hamilton chapter of Choir Nation). She is thrilled to have the opportunity to give children access to music in a barrier-free environment, giving them the chance to experience the joy music can bring.

David DiPietro

David is excited to join the Tomorrows Voices Board. As an Experiential Education Coordinator at Brock University, David works closely with students, faculty and community partners to coordinate real-world projects. David was born and raised in St.Catharines and has a strong interest in the community, especially as it relates to youth retention. He is passionate about music and the impact it can have. David is an avid music listener and concertgoer both locally and abroad. David has been an active volunteer within the community, coaching youth soccer and serving as a community grant assessment committee member for the Niagara Community Foundation. David is excited to bring new ideas to Tomorrows Voices by combining his passions of social media marketing, helping youth in the community and the power of music.

Dan Lonergan

Dan is thrilled to be joining the Tomorrow’s Voices Board of Directors. In his current role as Senior Experiential Education Coordinator at Brock University, Dan recognizes, develops and strengthens relationships with community partners, faculty and students. In doing so, he is committed to ensuring the Niagara community continues to be a thriving place to study, work and live, especially for youth and young adults. He is a lifelong resident of Niagara and sits on the Board of Directors for the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce. Music has played a massive role in Dan’s life ever since discovering Led Zeppelin as a child. He has performed at high school events, backyard BBQ’s and spent time playing the Niagara music scene. Dan is excited to bring his passion for music to Tomorrow’s Voices.